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Western Region Venturing Leadership Award Recipients

Venturing Leadership Award Square KnotRegional Venturing Leadership Award MedallionThis award is to acknowledge those who have shown exceptional dedication and given outstanding leadership and service to Venturing.  The Region may present up to 12 youth and 12 adult awards per year.

The Western Region has never filled its quota for this award, indicating that all recipients are truly meritorious.  Recipients receive a pewter Venturing medallion suspended from a green and white ribbon.  They can also wear the VLA knot upon their uniform, which is the same for all levels of the VLA.

Western Region recommendations should be send to:

Western Region
Attn: John Van Dreese
4765 S. Lakeshore Drive
Tempe, AZ 85285-2019

A few helpful links are:







- 2009 -

Matthew McGroarty

Las Vegas Area

John Disney
Ken Leja

Pacific Harbor
Grand Canyon

- 2008 -

Dana Friede


Michael Trouillon

Ventura County

- 2007 -

Linda Gentile
Craig Murray
Penny Sibley
Dorothy Long
Mike Philbrook
Richard Drewery
Suzanne Hahn
Keri Devilbiss

San Francisco Bay Area
San Gabriel Valley
Grand Columbia
San Diego - Imperial
San Diego - Imperial
San Diego - Imperial
Mount Baker
Mount Baker

- 2006 -

Brian Casper

Monterey Bay Area

James Virgin
Ken Bower
Bruce Noonan
Charles Williams
Richard Kagawa
John Manz
Mike Hardebeck
Gene Wadford

Cascade Pacific
Santa Clara
Grand Columbia
Orange County
Orange County
Far East
Western Region

- 2005 -

Any DiFrancesco
Robyn Knoll

Snake River
Grand Canyon

Daniel Napoliello
Rhoda Clayton

Grand Canyon
Western Region

- 2004 -

Joshua Green

Cascade Pacific

Tricia Bures
John Kullman

Long Beach Area
Denver Area

- 2003 -

Melisa Bures

Long Beach Area

Ernest Walley

Desert Pacific

- 2002 -

Timothy Burchett

Longs Peak

David Wilson

Utah National Parks